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Why should I have my kitchen hand painted and not replaced?

Having your kitchen hand painted will not only save you money and time, but it will also allow you to customise every door, shelf and moulding colour to suit your room and taste.

Will I have to buy new hinges and door handles to match my new colour?

Not at all, if your current hinges and door handles don’t suit the new colour you’ve chosen for your hand painted kitchen, we can spray them in a colour that you’ll be happy with.

Is the paint going to leave a strong, long lasting odor in my house?

Short answer is no, during the preparation process there will be an odor but as it dries quickly and is non toxic, it wont last very long. Our painters will ensure that the room is well ventilated and will finish your hand painted kitchen in a water based paint, meaning less drying time.

What are my choices of colours and paint brand?

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing your paint colour. There are literally thousands of paint colours to choose from and multiple finish options ( Estate Eggshell, Satin, Gloss).

How much will it cost to paint my kitchen?

There is no way to know exactly the cost of having your kitchen hand painted until one of our experienced painters takes a look at it and discusses with you exactly what you’d like to do. But as a guide price, a hand painted kitchen can cost anywhere from €400 – €2,500 depending on size, condition, and finish.

I like the idea of having my kitchen hand painted, but will it take long to do?

Not at all, most hand painted kitchens we do take approximately 1 – 2 days from start to finish, and are ready for use after 24hrs of being completed.

Great, I would like to get a quote to have my kitchen hand painted, who do I talk to?

You can contact us by following this link or by calling Robbie @ 0857044560 we and can take it from there.